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The Tea Rose Diner is tucked away behind Murray’s downtown strip and has been in business for about four years. Upon arriving at the restaurant, there was friendly and prompt service. When ordering an assortment of food the server offered concern on the spiciness and proportion size.

The menu is quite extensive and it shouldn’t be so surprising that the Tea Rose Diner is trying to accommodate our western taste buds by providing other food beyond their niche.

The dinner included fresh spring rolls that were wonderful. They were fresh. They were not wimpy – they were chock full. I was impressed that we got 6 rolls, as most Thai restaurants wouldn’t offer that many for the price. However, it would have been a wonderful addition if they provided another sauce along with what they offered, perhaps a plum or peanut sauce.

The Tom Yum soup was absolutely delicious and had a great section of our protein choice, cabbage, and carrots but was and not over burdened with white button mushrooms, as you can find in other Thai establishments. If you find this soup to be beyond your spice threshold I would recommend washing it down with a glass of their Thai ice tea.

The yellow curry was the highlight of the meal. The jasmine rice was cooked to perfection, however I never know what to do with the carrot garnish that is shaped like a flower. Honestly, I could do without it as long as decent/great food is delivered. The curry was absolutely spot on and is recommended to anyone who steps into the diner.

The last menu item ordered was the Pad Thai that was unfortunately disappointing. The sauce covering the noodles was something that I wasn’t expecting and would imagine were to come on a Chinese dish. It was overloaded with carrots and bean sprouts and had a lack of noodles on the dish. This dish was barely touched and it is just too bad, because it typically represents what Americans would think of when they think of Thai food.

Finally, the diner looked pretty clean. Since it’s somewhat a hole in the wall the bathroom is exactly what was expected – more or less clean with a bottle of 409 placed next to the toilet and hand written signs as what one should and should not do when using the facilities. Outside the bathroom other cleaning products loiter and the noise of the kitchen can be heard.

Rating — I would be willing to return.
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