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Have you tried yummy Indian food? How about an absolutely tasty and satisfying cuisine at the Star of India? Salt Lake City, you ought to know that the Star of India has it going on.

My guest and I ordered the assorted hors d’oeuvres that offered two flaky and moist samosa, chicken pakoras (orange stick-like chicken), and pakoras – that didn’t look at all appealing, but later we found out they were simply battered and fried vegetables. This order came with two sauces: tamarind and a green minty sauce. It was great to have choices to dip our appetizers into, because if one didn’t work for our taste buds the other sauce certainly did!

Basically in Indian cuisine you have a variety of standard sauces – all you have to do as a guest is pick your choice of protein that goes along with it. The Korma, Vindaloo, and Chana Masala all were presented in little copper dishes with two petite handles. It was somewhat difficult to decipher which dish was what, because they all had the same appearance: it would have been nice to be able to recognize the dishes we ordered. At first glance you may not think that you ordered enough food, but with an order of (garlic) naan and/or rice that shouldn’t be a concern.

Even after requesting a medium and hot spice heat level the dishes were pretty mild, but it certainly allowed the flavors to be showcased. The seasonings were finger-licking good, the naan plentiful, and the rice cooked just right. Goldilocks would have been pleased if she ate here.

Our server was very helpful when we were deciding what to order, as my guest has particular food allergies and eats a similar diet to that of a vegan. When our server didn’t know an answer to a question, she was not put off by going to find out the information we sought.

Beyond that, those at the Star of India didn’t try to upsell any product, but went with the flow. For example, Indian food patrons may consume a beer with their meal, but upon inquiring about having a bottle of wine, the server was able to accommodate us by offering us a wine menu, albeit with a limited selection.

Throughout our meal there were a number of employees that checked up on us. It wasn’t overwhelming, as it certainly felt like they care because they were discrete and offered good service. However, they left us hanging at the end of our meal – not knowing if we ought to slap down some plastic at the table to pay our bill or if we were expected to meet the staff up at the front of the restaurant. At one point we were the only customers left in the entire restaurant surrounded by staff members who were too busy with their own affairs, and we felt that a little bit of guidance could have gone a long way.

Surprisingly the restaurant was very quiet, during a part of the week when you would think it would be bustling. The restaurant itself is packed with booths which prohibits one from enjoying the Indian décor, but in the same breath allows for a comfortable dining experience. If you are lucky to get a view of the movie screen, you can enjoy the Bollywood movies that bring a certain characteristic to the establishment.

It was agreed that the establishment would get a C for their cleanliness. Unfortunately with all the staff around, lacking amount of guests, there seemed to be ample time for the staff to do a sweep around the restaurant and bathroom and pick up bites and pieces lingering on the floor, but no cleaning was done. Don’t let that stop you from coming to visit, though, because the food was outstanding.

This place has the potential to knock Salt Lake City off its culinary feet, yet after hearing about their lunch time buffet that offers just about everything on their menu, perhaps it is no wonder that the dinner time isn’t thriving. Who would go to dinner to pay more for less when they can take advantage of the bargain lunch special?!

Rating – I would be willing to return.
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