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Kathmandu Dinner SpreadWouldn’t ya know that you don’t have to travel half way around the world to go to Kathmandu? You can get a taste of it here in Salt Lake. Nervous about eating at a restaurant in a strip mall? You shouldn’t be, because Sprouts Market and McDonalds is Kathmandu’s neighbor. I assure you that such hesitation will quickly melt away as you walk into the warmly decorated Nepali and Indian-themed restaurant. The aroma, music, ethnic images on flat-screens, and service may hypnotize you into an eastern-themed trance that will allow you a culinary experience worth going out of your way for. The space is perfect for a business lunch, a date night, or to try something new. The seating is equally spaced around the restaurant, it’s fairly quiet, and the servers are literally at your service.

Vegetable SamosasMy guest and I started our evening off with an order of vegetable samosas stuffed with spuds and green beans. Of course by themselves they were bland, but these deep fried little numbers came to life once we poured the appropriate sauces over them. They weren’t the world’s best samosas because the pastry wasn’t as delicate as I like; however, I would certainly order these again, especially since they were served hot and made in-house.

Aloo Tikka MasalaMy guest ordered one of her Indian go-to dishes, aloo tikka masala with a side of raita (traditional yogurt cucumber sauce). She says, “This is a vegetarian dish made with chunks of potato cooked with onion, tomato, nuts, cream, and spices. The color was a rich reddish/orange and the smell was something that I can’t describe but it seduced me to eat nearly EVERY BITE. The flavor was some of the best tikka masala I have had in Utah, leaving me very satisfied.”

Possibly Methi Flavored CurryAnd to tell you honestly, I don’t know what I ordered. I asked our shy, yet attentive, server to make the decision for me. Yes, he was a bit nervous, because it appeared that he has never been up against such a task! And wouldn’t you know it – I ended up ordering the most succulent chicken served with the richest tomato based sauce I have tasted yet. The naan and rice served with our dishes were perfectly warm and fluffy – on both counts! This Kathmandu specialty was out of this world. I would absolutely order this again. How would I do that? Who would like to find out what I ordered and report back here!?

By the time dessert was offered, my guest and I were already taking home doggy bags and were way too full to consider their amazing sounding kheer, jamun, or kulfi. Certainly there will be another time to test those offerings out.

Rating – I would be willing to return again, again, and again to order the mystery dish and learn a bit more about the owners.

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