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Eva’s Bakery

As I approached Eva’s Bakery I noticed a couple of people beginning their morning and savoring the flavors of their coffee and pastries outside on patio furniture. When I crossed the threshold I was greeted by staff available to help. There was a comforting feeling and pleasant aroma that enveloped me as I walked into a space perfectly balanced between wood and blue and white tiled work. Beyond various pictures and photos of France, there was a mirror which covered one of the walls that made the seating area seem less restrictive.

Here is the thing; Eva’s Bakery has a specialized menu and offerings. For this reason, everything seemed sophisticated and classy…they placed pride in what they create. In fact, everything that was in the display case or stored on the walls looked appetizing and were made this morning.

I thought we would be able to get something from their menu, but since we were there before the kitchen officially opened that wasn’t an option. Sigh. I wanted to sink my teeth into a breakfast and not just a (fancy) pastry. Or so I thought. With a little help my guest and I were ordering and placing the decision into the hands of the man behind the counter. He was very helpful in making recommendations and providing product descriptions.

Stuff French ToastMy guest ordered the stuffed French toast. She informed me that she “felt that they used high-quality ingredients – the ricotta cheese filling and the blueberries both seemed very nice. The flavors meshed well, although I felt that they could have played up the lemon of the French toast filling more.”

DSC_0016As for me, I ordered one Tortillas Espanola (Spanish Omelet), a chocolate croissant, and chai tea. The Tortillas Espanola didn’t look all that appealing. The layers of thinly sliced spuds, onion, and egg looked visually boring, but in reality this dish turned out to be a diamond in the rough. The bold savory flavors were certainly a delightful surprise! I suppose if Eva’s wanted to spruce up the presentation they could add a dash of paprika or sell mini Espanolas instead of a wedged slice. Still, this little breakfast item is absolutely recommended. In fact, between that and my chai I ended up having to keep the chocolate croissant for an elevenses…

Chocolate CroissantAs we were sitting at a table, I kept seeing baked goods departing from the kitchen. It was like sugar to my soul. What can I say? I crave expertly crafted baked treats because they have an ability to unite people together, bring distant memories from childhood to the present, and allow me to drool as an adult. The best thing about Eva’s Bakery is that they are the experts in what they do. They have high standards and hold to them. I doubt anybody would be dissatisfied upon their visit. Why? I think the question really comes down to the quality of the butter. People please; you can’t get quality flaky goodness and flavors without quality butter. Eva’s is a worthwhile boulangerie to visit. Really, no other restaurant could have made these dishes. Eva’s Bakery is where it is at.

Rating — Damn, somebody needs to contact the Michelin Man.

Edited by MDK

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