The Snobby Ratings

There are three possible ratings:

The highest rating is: Damn, somebody needs to contact the Michelin Man.  Do you know what a “Michelin Star” is? If not, please let me simply explain that it is a top notch rating system that is used in quality dining locations around the entire world.  Where does Michelin come from? It comes from the ingenious marketing efforts of the famous Michelin tire company.  Yup, that’s right – a tire company.  Michelin produced a way to get people driving from here to there by hanging a carrot in front of them to check out the crème de la crème restaurants based on the culinary mastery by presenting restaurants with no stars, one, two, or three.  People were willing to drive long distances to experience restaurants that were rated…all the while putting X amount of miles on their tires.  I am impressed with those who were willing to literally go the distance for the most amazing food they could get their hands on.  If I rate a place in Salt Lake City with this I would urge you to go the distance yourself.

The average rating is: I would be willing to return.  And as of October 2012 there is a reason included to why I would be willing to return.

The lowest rating is: They should be the next contestant on Kitchen Nightmares.
 I admire Gordon Ramsay.  Some Americans absolutely cannot tolerate him, but I am impressed by his willingness to stand firm on his culinary/health/safety/financial criteria.  One way that he stands firm is by being a quasi consultant on a reality TV show called Kitchen Nightmares.  What is Kitchen Nightmares?  In a nutshell, Gordon Ramsay is invited by struggling restaurant owners to observer their failing restaurant by bringing out his defibrillator in order to jump start these businesses back into shape.  If I judge a place in Salt Lake City with this rating … I fear I would never return to this location.  Nor would I ever recommend it.

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