The Snobby Process

The Invitation:
You might have observed while reading my postings that I am not going solo to the various food establishments in and around Salt Lake City.  So, how does this process work? Who do I take along with me?  Well, it’s really simple.  I have a list of locations that I would like to visit and my goal is to enjoy the company of my friends while judging these food establishments. So, every month I invite two people that I know to join me in my adventures.  My guests pick a restaurant from my list and gives me the details of when they can go.

The Judgement:
After we visit the culinary location we both fill out a questionnaire that I prepared.  After I get their feedback I spend some time on my final review, send it off to get edited, and finally post it for you all to relish.


1 thought on “The Snobby Process”

  1. There’s a Japanese restaurant, Kobe (3947 S Wasatch Blvd.) which a 3rd generation Japanese Mike Fukumitsu took business over in April, 2013. He studied Japanese noodles “Ramen” in Japan last year and is turning Kobe into an authentic ramen restaurant along with sushi. It is the first true ramen place in SLC. Please try it.

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